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Rena by SuicideStorm Rena by SuicideStorm
Attempting to join ANOTHER rp group. Probably going to be my last one for awhile. Not sure if she will get in though, don’t know if she is EVIL enough.

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Villain Name: V (vee)
Name: Rihanna V. Hutson (Rena)
Age: 23 (human years)
Gender: Female
Height: 5’09”
Specific animal species: Black Jaguar
Robot Partner: Jazz the Mute Fox Bot
Gun Function: Sends out an electrified beam of energy that may stun or paralyze some foes.

Rena was born in Africa along with her twin brother Dante. Growing up the two where inseparable, they did everything together and hardly ever argued about anything, they even made a promise to never leave one another no matter what happened, though a promise like that was bound to become broken at some point. It was shortly after Rena and Dante got there robo pets for there 13th birthday. She named hers Jazz, while Dante referred to his as Gadget. The two bots where easily told apart cause Gadget was darker then Jazz, so they never argued about who’s belonged to who. It was only after they turned 15 that there important bond began to break apart. Rena had always been happier with her brother, but ever since Hei came into her brothers life, he had been growing more distant from her. Hei was a Cheetah, and he had only met Dante after he had saved Hei from a gang of Hyenas who where picking on him just because he was weaker then they where. Rena had never felt jealousy before, and it wasn’t a feeling she liked. She thought she would try to pry the two apart, so she could have her brother back, but all her attempts ended in fail many times, which started making her a little more agitated and furious, until she finally went too far. She decided that the only way she would ever get her brother back, was if Hei told him he didn’t want to be friends anymore, but the fact that he would do something like that willingly was unlikely. She invited Hei over and began a conversation with him, which slowly started turning into a threat. That if he didn’t leave Dante alone, they where going to a problem. Of course, like she had thought, Hei refused. She couldn’t help but feel happy he had said that, for it would have been far to easy if he just said he would do it. So she pulled out a knife and held it up to him, asking again in a polite tone to do as she said, thought a little more hesitant, Hei once again refused. Rena was growing impatient, so letting out a growl, she pinned him to the ground and was ready to kill him when something stopped her. Dante had walked in just as she was about to kill Hei. He had a shocked look in his eyes, and though Rena tried to explain, he still couldn’t believe what his sister just tried to do to his best friend. He told her he never wanted to see her again, that she had taken her jealousy too far. That she should have tried talking to him about it other then killing off his best friend. He left with Hei, not even looking back, leaving Rena alone in the empty room, ready to cry her eyes out.
After that Rena became rather angry with herself, she started to steal and kill just to make herself feel better. People started called her V, she doesn’t remember when or how she earned that name for herself, but while she was causing havoc, her brother and his friend, where doing what they could to stop it. She couldn’t help but feel anger towards this. Her brothers rejection of her was the trigger for what she does. She easily snaps in a rage if anyone mentions him or his friend, but most of the time she tries to keep herself calm and collective.

Jazz Personality
Jazz and his twin are two of a kind, the only ones of there module to be built. They where custom made to be the companions too Rena and Dante. Jazz along with Gadget are unable to talk, so to express what they are thinking to Rena and Dante, as well as others who know what they are thinking or feeling, they show a variety of different emotions through the screen on there face. Though most Robots don’t have emotions, Jazz and Gadget are part of those few that do have them, allowing them to communicate and understand there owners feelings. Jazz could feel the envy coming off of Rena when her brother was spending more time with Hei then her. Jazz tried to be there for her, but with no words, he felt he couldn’t truly comfort her. Whenever Jazz got really happy, his antenna ear things would start to vibrate and produce an electric charge, not a powerful one. It just sort of feels like a shock, like when you rub your feet on a carpet then poke someone. Jazz is normally very happy and likes to try and make others smile by doing dumb things, though he doesn’t let this get in his way of his work as he doesn’t wish to get in trouble with Rena, even though he knows she is unlikely to toss him in the trash as there is not another robot like him, well there was Gadget but he doubted she would want her brothers robot when she really despised her brother now.

- Jazz prefers to walk on all fours, but he is capable of standing and walking on his hind legs when he needs his hands free.
- Jazz is based off a fox. He can get a little iffed (D:<) if he is referred to as anything else.
- Rena will go into a deep relaxed trance if under her chin is scratched. But will most likely claw your eyes out when she snaps out of it.
- Rena despises cheetah’s, and will often give them an evil and hateful glance now and then.
- Eye’s are two different colours. Right one is yellow and left one red, red eye has a crimson mark under it. Brother has the same thing only it’s the left eye that’s yellow and the right eye that’s red. Red eye still has mark. It’s kind of a birth mark, doesn’t have any sort of special thing to it.
- Rena has spots but you would have to be looking for them to really spot them.

RP Example
The dusk light was slowly fading as the young girl made her way home. Her loyal robot right behind her. Once again she had spent the day alone. Her bot was good company, but it could not talk, and so she could never hold a conversation with it. She wanted her brother, he and her always had so much to talk about, but ever since he started hanging with that ally cat she has been seeing less and less of him. It was starting to get to her, she could feel the envy in her, she knew she couldn’t be with him forever, which is why she wanted to cherish the moments she could still be with him, but ever since that spotted feline came into their lives she has been finding herself even more alone. She needed to get rid of him, make it look like an accident. Her brother would forgive her, he always did, as she always forgave him. They could be together again, until it was truly time for them to go their own ways. She turned to her robot, it was giving her a look that clearly read ‘it’s not worth it.’ He never spoke, but that screen on it’s face portrayed many emotions. She wasn’t going to take it’s advice, this was something she had to do, it was the only way she and her brother could be together like before. So she took out her phone, and made a call.

App © =Xurnam
Rena, Art © Myself
XycuroLawls Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah I love your character nice job~
Blairaptor Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh, your artwork is really beautiful! I love the designs of these characters - welcome to the group~!
Sad backstory, too; that really speaks to me since I'm best friends with my younger brother. Luckily so far nothing has split us up.
RiverEmber Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love your character!!
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